Terms and Conditions

1. All funds paid to Dipped Sweets are NON-refundable. To secure your requested date, a non-refundable deposit is required. Once secured, Dipped Sweets may decline other orders to assure fulfillment of your request.

2. All orders require a minimum deposit of half the total amount to book an event. The remaining balance must be received by Dipped Sweets two weeks prior to the event date indicated, or your contract is null and void.

3. Dipped Sweets requires a 4 week notice for sweets tables. The last date to request changes to your order is 2 weeks prior to the event date indicated. Although, Dipped Sweets cannot guarantee changes will be accommodated we will put forth every effort to do so whenever possible. All items are based on product availability. In addition, change orders are subject to additional fees. Changes and/or adding additional themes may total the amount of the original cost or more. Any change orders requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges as well.

4. Delivery fees are $5 within a 15 mile radius. Distances outside of the 15 mile radius will be charged an additional $1.50 per mile. At this time, Dipped Sweets will make personal deliveries within the State of Ohio only.

5. Dipped Sweets is not responsible for any damage to your sweets after setup, delivery and/or pick up is complete. The customer is responsible for providing a secure table and an appropriate environment for your sweets and sweets table. A sturdy table is required as some of the trays and stands are heavy. An optimal room temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or below is suggested. Any temperatures higher than the aforementioned may melt the desserts.

6. If the customer or the customer’s representative elects to pick up or set up your sweets, the customer shall assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of these items after it leaves the possession of Dipped Sweets.

7. For promotional purposes, we do photograph our sweets. Dipped Sweets reserves the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to the customer.

8. Dipped Sweets products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. The customer agrees to notify guests of this risk and hold Dipped Sweets harmless for any allergic reactions that may occur.

9. In efforts to avoid confusion, Dipped Sweets will accept requests and/or communicate with the purchaser only.

10. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Dipped Sweets to complete the agreement and is subject to labor disputes or strikes, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond the control of Dipped Sweets.

11. Quotes are subject to market fluctuation.

12. Invoices are valid for 24 hours on all orders.

13. Dipped Sweets will make every effort to match the colors requested; however, in some instances we may not be able to guarantee an exact match. Therefore sending color pallets for orders are recommended.

14. Occasionally, we will use non-edible products/decorations such as: ribbons, bags, and/or bling sticks, etc. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform guests of said products.

15. When transporting our products, avoid placing them on the seat of your vehicle. It is best to transport on a flat, level surface away from direct sunlight, heat, and/or odor. It is also best to transport in a cool vehicle. Heat can damage your sweets.

16. It is recommended to store our treats in a cool, dry place away from odor, heat, and/or sunlight to maintain maximum freshness.

17. We require a 72 hour notice (from the time and day of pick up, delivery, or set up) for all orders cancellations. No cash refunds will be offered and a store credit will be provided if the order was canceled within the 72 hour window.  If the order isn’t cancelled within 72 hours, no store credit will be granted. 

Also, products that are not picked up at the day and time customer selected, will not be refunded or be put on in-store credit. 

18. By submitting payment, you agree to all terms and conditions listed.